Sunday, June 5, 2011

Column View for Properties (Org-Mode)

The part of my org-file which I want to make look like a table:
* Spreadsheets
** all children, one measurement
** Interval 2 years / one measurement per child
** Interval 4 years / one measurement per child
** Interval 6 years / one measurement per child
all of the spreadsheets have the following properties:
:sqlfile: [[file:2jahre.sql]]
:perlfile: [[]]
:sqloutput: link to file
:result: [[file:20110421/2jahresds.txt]]
If I want to use column view on them, I have to define the columns. Because I want all of my spreadsheets in my view first I
  • define a property :COLUMNS: for my Spreadsheets; the value of this property should have the following form: %sqlfile %perlfile %result; a number right after the percent sign specify the width of the column; and you can add a title in square brackets; (%20sqlfile[SQL] defines the column containing the property sqlfile, this column has width 20 and the header SQL)
    * Spreadsheets
    :COLUMNS: %20sqlfile %20perlfile %20sqloutput %result
    ** all children, one measurement...
  • typing C-c C-x C-c with the courser in the section Spreadsheets starts column view; q - exit column view; r - refresh column view, use the arrow keys for navigation through the table, type e for editing a field

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