Monday, January 3, 2011

RODBC Debian / Ubuntu

First install

- r-cran-rodbc
- unixodbc
- odbc-postgresql for postgres; libmyodbc for mysql ...

using apt-get.

With  dpkg -L odbc-postgres you get the install paths.

The configuration files are odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini - on my computer there were template files in

different examples here

sudo odbcinst -i -d -f template_file_odbcinst.ini
to invoke the driver
sudo odbcinst -i -s -f template_file_odbc.ini
to copy the ini file to the current user

if there are problemsread this

PS: If you install the packages within R and you are behind a proxy do not forget to set the proxy BEFORE you try to install. It have to be set before any download code is used, otherwise you have to restart R. ( Sys.setenv("http_proxy"="http://my_proxy:my_port") )

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